A Little Break

because even songwriters need rest

Ryan M. Brewer has been on the road pretty well non-stop for the majority of this year. A little worn-out, and craving time to write new songs and plan the next step... Ryan has decided to step back from touring for a while. He's still playing shows...so come out and see one! 



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A singer/songwriter by trade, Ryan M. Brewer is more accurately described as a traveling musical storyteller. Having always placed the primary importance on lyricism, his songs tend to float effortlessly between genres...each one falling precisely where it needs to in order to most accurately tell the story. And that's all that matters - songs and stories. 

Brewer's brutally honest lyricism treads a wide lyrical path - covering existential confusion, political disenchantment, struggle with religious belief and love/happiness in spite of it all. His vocal range is impressive, his song structure is challenging, and his guitar work is intricate.

“trails” blends together the soulfulness of Bon Iver’s For Emma Forever Ago and a pop-influenced optimism. Trails never loses itself entirely to its light sadness, picking up here and their to build a variety of tonal resonances that adds splashes of color to to an all but washed out genre.
— MillsRecordCompany.Com
With his characters darting across his songs like moths, Brewer provides some justifiably arbitrary soundscapes. From the plaintive and complex structures of the albums major think-pieces to the more rural narratives, Brewer is not pigeonholing himself within a specific genre, instead exploring the musical landscape he has travelled.
— MP Cavalier, DoItIndy Radio Hour
Ryan M. Brewer is a great songwriter. He writes deep, meaningful tunes filled with pathos, cynicism and witty humor - catchy without any pop white wash. He is the genuine article.
— Wayne Bertsch, Nuvo.Net's Barfly